We help companies innovate in creative and human ways.

We're J5, a strategic design company that helps businesses adapt and grow in times of rapid disruption and change. 

Analytical thinkers are pragmatic and seek practical solutions and reliable answers to problems. Intuitive thinkers feel comfortable going on feelings, emotions and instinct. 

We use design as a strategic tool to enable analytical and intuitive thinkers to collaborate and build in more iterative, user-centric ways.


Strategic Design

Helping senior leaders and teams make better decisions on where to play and how to win.  

Our approach brings creativity to the strategy world, helping organizations make purpose driven choices about their future business and service models. 

We use visual frameworks and tools such as the Business Model Canvas and Culture Map to facilitate a common language and approach for people that come from different backgrounds and departments.


Service Design

Starting with journey maps, we uncover user’s needs, desires and behaviours. These insights are mapped against the capabilities and cultures of our clients’ organizations to inform future growth or improvement opportunities. 

Our approach helps increase customer and stakeholder adoption by testing and validating business assumptions through the development of minimum viable products. Co-creation ensures that we are building products and services that people will love to use.


Creative Spaces

There is a difference between a creative-looking space and a space that fosters creativity. We use human-centred design to help our clients build spaces that people will love to use.

Well designed spaces influence and change the way that we experience work. Our design process helps organizations analyze and understand individual and collaborative work styles and what changes could be made in terms of landscape, furnishings, and tools to enhance creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Design Education

Design is best taught through experiential activities that promotes multi-disciplinary exploration of problems and opportunities. Students learn how to apply empathy to research, and adopt a more iterative approach to prototyping concepts and generating feedback.

Our design school is informed by our field work, delivering hundreds of projects across a wide variety of clients and industries. Our design certification programs are the perfect starting point for companies interested in building innovation capacity and capability.